Reform Immigration For America Blog #StopTheRaids Peaceful Demonstration

#StopTheRaids Peaceful Demonstration

#StopTheRaids President Obama!

Fourteen were arrested today in front of the White House as activists and directly impacted families called on President Obama to stop the raids and deportations of Central American refugees. Raids are inhumane and unjust. President Obama must immediately end this unconscionable tactic!

Today hundreds will protest in front of @WhiteHouse! Our March is just beginning! Follow at #StopTheRaids

Make that call & then share to show your support for Central American families fleeing violence! #StopTheRaids

The march came to a stop in front of the White House, where our activists continue chanting for an end to deportations and raids.


Shame on you @POTUS! No more deportations.

Leaders will be arrested 2 protest the treatment of children fleeing violence #childrenfleeingviolence #stoptheraids

Alianza Americas Exec Dir participating in civil disobedience today #stoptheraids #protectingchildrenacrossborders

We are proud to be here with faith and immigrants rights partners to tell @POTUS to #stoptheraids now! #not1more

The raids must stop before another person ends up dead. #StopTheRaids

Many more from @Somos_CASA join the protest right now! #StopTheRaids

Not even the rain will stop us from standing up and protecting our community! #StopTheRaids

Soon after, the activists risking arrest came together to share their testimonies in a press conference


“We are standing here today because there is a grave injustice happening in our country.” #stoptheraids #not1more

These crosses represent the people that have died!

We add our voice to those that have turned out at the @WhiteHouse to demand that @POTUS


Eric from @CT4aDREAM outside @WhiteHouse: “Children do not cross boundaries as a fun day trip” #StopTheRaids

Oscar Chacón from Alianza America: “People are fleeing for their lives” #StopTheRaids

“I would like to believe that my vote counts too!” #StopTheRaids

“As a student organizer, I passionately demand that Obama stand for the dignity of immigrants.” #StopTheRaids

“No child should ever have to experience the horrors of war.” #stoptheraids #not1more

For too long we have traveled in the valley of fear.We call on the govt to live up the legacy of hope #stoptheraids

Thank you @communitychange @RI4A @UNITEDWEDREAM for standing up for Central American #refugees #stoptheraids


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