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Por fin, el propuesto migratorio será presentado en el Senado muy pronto.

Organizamos una telefónica comunitaria con el senador Bob Menendez el miércoles, 17 de abril, para conocer más sobre el proyecto de ley de reforma migratoria y aprender qué medidas puede tomar para luchar por el mejor proyecto de ley posible. Organizaremos dos llamadas, una llamada en Inglés y una llamada en español, que tomará lugar […]

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The Senate’s on recess, but we’re still working!

While the Senate has been home enjoying time with their families for the 18-day-long Easter recess, the immigrant rights movement has been hard at work to keep them on task making calls and delivering petitions to key figures.

“I pray every day there will be a change.”

“I pray every day there will be a change.”

Laurie and her children have not seen her husband in four years, since he returned to Mexico to apply for residency and was barred from reentry to the country for 10 years. Her story is a testament to how dysfunctional our broken immigration system is, and how desperately it is in need of reform.

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Want to fix the deficit? This would be a good start.

Contrary to what the anti-immigrant crowd says, immigrants actually create jobs, raise wages, and provide a wider tax base for the government. Our friends at the Center for American Progress debunk some common myths about immigrants’ role in the economy.