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Mohamed with his son and daughter

Nicole’s story: A father deported, a family separated

“As a nation built on immigrants why now do we choose to hate and divide, and ultimately destroy the lives of so many here now?” Nicole’s husband Mohamed was deported to Egypt four years ago for missing a court date. Separated from their husband and father, his wife and four children now struggle to get […]

Jessica and her husband were married last October

Jessica’s Story: Standing up for reform to defend her husband

Jessica has been with her husband ever since their teenage years, when they were high school sweethearts. Being in a mixed-status marriage (her husband is undocumented), she bravely took it upon herself to write to her Congressman, Paul Cook, to find out what he could do for the young couple. Her experience is shared with […]

What the radio is saying to Speaker Boehner

The Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) is taking to the airwaves with a clear message for Speaker John Boehner: You’ve helped lead the way on Steve King’s anti-immigrant policies and the #TimeIsNow to lead on real comprehensive immigration reform. 


In honor of veterans and military families

Today we share our gratitude with veterans and military families for their sacrifice on our behalf. “If you love America so much, you should go and serve the country you love.” What happens when we serve our country, but upon returning find that our country does not love us back?

Prayer in the Senate CIRmarkup room

The Senate makes moves, where’s the House?

On May 21, 2013 the Senate immigration reform bill passes markup and moves onto the floor. What happens next?  How do we preserve the path to citizenship in the House version of the bill?             


Track our progress on the Road to Reform

  The Senate’s immigration reform bill just passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and will be up for debate on the Senate Floor. So what’s next? Look to our “Road to Reform” guide for next steps.