Our country is strongest when we are united. Yet certain politicians seek to set us against one another for their personal gain and profit. If you’re ready to resist, become a torchbearer!

Torchbearers are a group of people ready to RISE UP and stop attacks against immigrants. Torchbearers believe that any attack on immigrants is an attack on all of us. On May 1st, we will rise up to defend our immigrant neighbors and friends!


Collective Power

From those who cook the food we eat to those who build the businesses of the future, all are affected by the Trump Administration’s attack on immigrants.

Economic Power

America doesn’t work without immigrants. On May 1st, we will not work, we will not go to school, we will not shop to show that our country will not move forward without our immigrant neighbors.

Political Power

Congress has a role to play in immigration policy. We will speak up to let our elected officials know that any attack on immigrants or refugees is an attack on all of us.

Speak Up

Send a postcard to a congressional leader that needs to stand with immigrants!

Tell your representative to say NO to anti-immigrant policies, such as Trump’s budget that would finance a massive deportation force to tear families apart. Add your own personalized message telling your representative what action you’d like them to take. Your postcard will be mailed to the congressperson’s office along with those of other constituents.

Find an event near you!

Immigrant leaders and allies will Rise Up across the country to lead marches, rallies, protests, and town halls to resist Trump’s deportation machine and support a vibrant and diverse future for our country.

Gear Up

Support our cause and show your support of immigrants by getting a t-shirt!

Order your t-shirt before April 14 to make sure it arrives by May 1st.

All proceeds go to the Center for Community Change Action and will be designated to the FIRM Network, a national coalition of 44 grassroots organizations from 32 states around the country committed to promoting and preserving the rights of immigrants at the local, state and federal level.

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