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Rodrigo’s Story

Rodrigo Beteta Gutierrez is a high school student, a musician and a DACA recipient. Read his story and find out what administrative relief like DACA has done for him, and what similar relief can do for the rest of his family and other families like his.

Reform is about families

E140729ANXX_UAC Dem

Democrats: Protect these children! House and Senate Republicans are advocating for unaccompanied children to be stripped of their rights and immediately deported. Deporting children back to the countries they are fleeing puts their lives at risk. We need Democrats to stand up now for the rights of children refugees at the border today! Fill out […]

Reform is about families

A4C Line 3 – Grimm Evergreen Line

Michael Grimm: Give us a vote! Representative Michael Grimm has been mostly silent on immigration reform. His silence costs allows 1,100 families continue to be separated, and millions of dollars wasted each day. Fill out the form to be connected to Michael Grimm’s office. Tell him to give us a vote on immigration reform today! […]

Reform is about families

Kevin McCarthy evergreen click to call

Kevin McCarthy: Give us a vote! Representative Kevin McCarthy will most likely succeed Eric Cantor as House Majority Leader. As one of the highest-ranking House members, it is now on him to move reform forward. Fill out the form to be connected to Kevin McCarthy’s office. Tell him to give us a vote on immigration […]

Reform is about families

E140611ANXX_Last Chance Cantor

Time’s almost up for Eric Cantor! Time is running out for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. After losing his primary election, he has only a handful of months to salvage what’s left of his legacy. It’s time for him to pass immigration reform! Fill out the form to be connected to his office. Tell him […]

Reform is about families


House Republicans: Time is up! After a year of pressure and direct action on House Republicans, they have shown us they do not care about our families or about fixing the broken immigration system. Time is up for them — it’s time to hold House Republicans accountable. Fill out the form to be connected to […]

Yuridia, immigrant rights activist

Yuridia’s Story: What I am risking for immigration reform

This past week, I joined eleven other youth activists from across the country who traveled to Washington, DC to send a message to Congress: We will not wait any longer for immigration reform while our families suffer. We will stand up for our families

Reform is about families

E140501ANXX_May 1st CD_Deportations

Stop the deportations! For years, President Obama has stood by while rampant and senseless deportations have torn apart immigrant families and communities. Our community cannot allow this to continue! Fill out the form below to be connected to the White House comment line. Phone Number (Mobile Phone Number) Street Address Zip   Msg & Data […]