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136,000 Signatures Delivered to Stop The Raids!

Today, along with 13 of our allies, we delivered more than 136,000 of YOUR signatures to the White House demanding that President Obama stop the raids against Central American families and provide them with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) instead.

Give immigrant children a chance!

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to showing support to Nonprofits. As the holiday season approaches, our thoughts are with the many families that our work for comprehensive immigration reform affects. While many Americans will celebrate the holidays around crowded tables overflowing with home-cooked dishes, millions of children with undocumented parents will go to […]

Pictured: Spokesman for the Republican Party on immigration

More of the same from last night’s #GOPdebate

The biggest question after last night’s Republican debate is not about who won. The biggest question, in fact, remains unanswered. With all the yelling and chaos, the candidates dodged the question yet again: What does each of them plan to do about the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States?

Reform is about families

Senators: Protect Administrative Relief!

Senators: Stand up for immigrant families! There are anti-immigrant extremists in both chambers of Congress that want to block administrative relief from going into effect, and continue to allow immigrant fmailies to be torn apart. Fill out the form to be connected to a key Senator’s office. Tell them to stand with immigrant families and […]

Text ESCUCHA to 69866!

How to prepare for relief

Join the National Community Call on Wednesday, December 3rd, at 7:30pm, to answer your questions about Administrative Relief! In the meantime, check out this resource page on how to prepare yourself.