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The First Step is Coming Together/ El Primer Paso Es Unirse

The First Step is Coming Together/ El Primer Paso Es Unirse

A Donald Trump presidency is hard to picture, but one thing that you can count on is the power, the strength, and the resilience of our movement. The immigrant rights movement is not going anywhere — immigrants, documented and undocumented, are here to stay. We will not rest until we get relief and reform for […]

So What Did I Miss?

Roundup of trending immigration reform topics happening during 8/7 – 8/13. Last week’s top immigration news was centered around how immigrants greatly contribute to our country. Top articles from last week showed that many immigrants pay their taxes, are valuable to the US economy and have the power to change the election with their voter power. […]

So What Did I Miss?

Roundup of trending immigration reform topics happening during  7/31 – 8/06. Last week didn’t bring too much breaking news, but much did happen when it comes to immigration in our nation. Whether it was a story about a young man who started a ripple effect after sharing his immigration story, or how Georgia could be […]

So What Did I Miss?

Roundup of trending immigration reform topics you were all chatting about the week of 7/24-7/30. Last week was a busy one. Many of us were still healing from the hateful language of the RNC and easing into the DNC. A stark opposite, the DNC did a pretty good job of uplifting our communities and bringing a positive […]

Worst Politicians for Immigration Reform

The Republican party has gone out of its way these last few years to make life harder for immigrants in this country. So, with the Republican National Convention happening in Cleveland this week, we decided to take a look at the worst politicians for immigration reform. Don’t mistake this as an honor: these politicians have […]

Our Fight Continues

The news of a tie last week from the Supreme Court on Executive Action was heartbreaking for many in our communities, who had high hopes that DAPA and expanded DACA would provide their families with relief from deportation. For our families, our friends, and our neighbors, sadness and anger overwhelmed social media and news outlets. […]

Sigamos en la Lucha

La noticia de empate en la Corte Suprema la semana pasada sobre la Acción Ejecutiva fue decepcionante para muchas personas en nuestra comunidad, quienes tenían esperanza de protección bajo DAPA y la expansión de DACA. Estas personas son nuestras familias, amigos, vecinos. El jueves pasado, la tristeza y furor agobiaban todas las redes sociales y […]

#StopTheRaids Peaceful Demonstration

View the story of our action “#StopTheRaids President Obama!” on Storify. Fourteen were arrested today in front of the White House as activists and directly impacted families called on President Obama to stop the raids and deportations of Central American refugees.

136,000 Signatures Delivered to Stop The Raids!

Today, along with 13 of our allies, we delivered more than 136,000 of YOUR signatures to the White House demanding that President Obama stop the raids against Central American families and provide them with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) instead.

Give immigrant children a chance!

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to showing support to Nonprofits. As the holiday season approaches, our thoughts are with the many families that our work for comprehensive immigration reform affects. While many Americans will celebrate the holidays around crowded tables overflowing with home-cooked dishes, millions of children with undocumented parents will go to […]