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#NotOneDollar for Trump’s Deportation Machine

Trump's Budget ATM

Build Kindness Not Walls

The 2018 federal budget fight is playing out in Congress right now, and Reform Immigration for America and our allies are gearing up to stop funding for the Trump deportation machine, which Republicans in Congress have been complicit in supporting. Help us put a stop to their plans: sign the petition to say #NotOneDollar for Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda.

Trump’s immigration agenda is driven by hate. He wants to target immigrants and increase deportations, even if that means terrorizing communities and separating families. His useless and unpopular border wall has been a priority since his campaign started, and Trump is willing to see a government shutdown to achieve his goal. Trump has been clear that he is prioritizing expanding the wall and funding for his anti-immigrant agenda, which includes more immigration enforcement agents and detention beds.

These plans cost money. A lot of money.

Trump and Republicans in Congress are pushing for over $6 billion in the 2018 federal budget to pursue Trump’s hateful family separation agenda, including:

  • $1.5 billion for more prison-like detention centers and increased deportation.
  • $300 million to hire and train new enforcement agents, who have shown they will detain any and all undocumented immigrants, not just their intended targets.
  • $2.6 billion to start building his infamous border wall and increase border security.


To fund his efforts to tear families apart, Trump and Republicans in Congress will steal from  programs that millions of people rely on, from Medicaid to SNAP food stamps to social security. People will suffer if this this toxic deal is reached:

Trump's Budget ATM

A country’s budget reflects what it values. America’s federal budget should support keeping people healthy, safe and protected. It should not include a single dollar to take parents away from their kids, or to separate anyone from their loved ones. It should reflect love, not hate.

That’s why we’re fighting back, and we need you with us. Tell your members of Congress: Not One Dollar in the budget should go to Trump’s hateful anti-immigration agenda.

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