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House Democrats introduce immigration reform legislation. Republican leaders stand in the way.


boehnercirToday House Dems introduce an immigration reform bill. Republican leaders continue to blockade the path to citizenship.

After months of delay, House Democrats have introduced an immigration reform bill with a path to citizenship. With this bill, Democrats have challenged Republicans to have the debate on real reform — but Republican leaders continue to stand in the way by refusing to allow a vote on any legislation.

“The action by House Democrats has filled a void of leadership and challenged GOP leadership on their lack of responsible action to finish critical work on immigration reform with a path to citizenship,” said Fair Immigration Reform Movement spokeswoman Kica Matos. “It’s beyond time for Speaker Boehner to bring real immigration reform for a vote. Since the Senate passed its bill in late June, over 100,000 families have been torn apart through deportations, separating families and causing serious harm in our communities. The House of Representatives must act now.”

In the face of uncertainty in the House, we organize. We will continue to organize and escalate until the legislation our communities need are made into reality. We will not stop short of immigration reform with a path to citizenship. We have already seen the power of our organizing – the result of our August recess actions have produced 26 Republicans who publicly supported the path to citizenship.

We have the total votes needed for the path to citizenship. We just need House leadership – Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy – to call a vote on the floor. Demand action from House leadership by calling the Republican National Committee Headquarters at 888-845-2087.

The House Democrats’ immigration bill comes days after the government shutdown that has sent 800,000 federal workers home without pay. Congressional approval ratings continue to plummet. The House Republicans continue to show how out of touch they are with our current reality.

Our families are hurting in the process. House Republicans have held our families hostage in their political theater. Families like Shannon’s in South Carolina whose husband was given a five year ban from returning to the US:

Dad forced to Skype in for son's 7th birthday“It doesn’t matter that he is married to an American citizen, has American citizen children, that he has absolutely no criminal record, has paid all of his taxes or speaks proficient English.

We need reform so we can be the happy united family we always have been. I need the support and strength of my loving husband and best friend, and my children need the guidance and love of their very involved father.

My son celebrated his 7th birthday with his dad only in attendance thanks to Skype. No child should have to celebrate a birthday with dad this way.”

We say enough is enough. We call on the House Republicans to keep families together by showing real leadership.

It is up to us to CALL on House leadership and demand they do right by the majority of Americans who want a vote on immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship. CALL the Republican National Committee Headquarters at 888-845-2087.

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