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Countdown to House GOP Summit


boehnercirMake history again. You moved the Senate now let’s move the House.

We’ve kicked off a campaign to target key House Republicans leading up the Republican Party’s immigration reform summit on July 10th. 

Look how far we’ve come in the past six months. 

In January, following unprecedented turnout of immigrant voters in November to demand our leaders fix our broken immigration system, a bipartisan group of eight Senators announced they would work together to create a reform bill with a pathway to citizenship. Our movement began a six-month-long campaign to hold our Senators to their word, driving hundreds of thousands of calls, emails, faxes, office visits and more in support of reform.

As the bill moved through debates and amendments, our movement continued to keep the bill moving forward until it passed 68-32 in an historic vote late last month.

Now, we find ourselves in a similar place: a bipartisan group of seven Representatives are working to draft their own comprehensive reform bill, while anti-immigrant forces attempt to slow our progress down.

Once again, we must take action to make sure our legislators take up immigration reform this year. Keep us moving forward. Add your name today to tell House leadership to support comprehensive reform with a fair path to citizenship for all!



On July 10th Republican leaders in the House will convene for a summit to create their immigration reform plan. For each day leading up to the summit we’re calling key Republican House members at 866-998-2910 demanding their action – as constituents we want immigration reform with a fair path to citizenship.

On July 1st we called on House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy to whip his party into shape and take action on immigration reform. On July 2nd we called Representative Mike Coffman of Colorado and on the 3rd we called Representative Sam Johnson of Texas. Our targets are changing daily.

Find out who the next targets are on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll keep updating this Storify page with each day’s progress.


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