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Taking our March to Corporate America, Online

BankofAmerica photo credit: SEIU

BankofAmerica photo credit: SEIUWe are spreading our message of family unity, human dignity and immigrant justice to Corporate America. Join us in our digital action today!

This is the best chance that we have had in a generation to pass commonsense immigration reform. We have brought in a large, diverse coalition in support of reform and have worked together to bring more supporters to our side. House leadership should have more than enough evidence to the fact that we both want and need immigration reform with a path to citizenship now.

We will continue to reach out to new supporters with our message of family unity, human dignity and immigrant justice.

Today we are spreading this message online to four corporations with ties to House Leadership: Bank of America, Dominos, Home Depot and Wells Fargo.  We are calling on these corporations to:

  1. Make a public statement in support of immigration reform with a path to citizenship and
  2. Engage Republican congressional leadership to move immigration reform legislation forward.

Immigrant rights advocates are taking to social networks to bring awareness of this issue to these corporations. We are flooding their Facebook page and their Twitter streams with the voices of the people.

You may be asking, why these companies? Well…

  • Bank of America, Home Depot and wells Fargo Super PACs are all major contributors to Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy.
  • Eric Cantor and his wife, Diana, both own shares in Dominos. Diana Cantor sits on their Board of Trustees.

Several corporations have already taken a stand in supporting comprehensive immigration reform. They have come forward to call for a fix of the United States’ broken immigration system and help 11 million people come out of the shadows.

Americans overwhelmingly want comprehensive immigration reform and do not want to be held hostage by extremist members of Congress who continue to block a vote in the House. CEOs would never stand for an extreme band of employees to stop productivity in their corporations. They cannot allow Congress to do the same. 

Join us in action as we spread this message to these corporations. 




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