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California Governor Jerry Brown

¿Que pasó con Jerry Brown?

Gobernador de California, Jerry Brown, quien firmó el DREAM Act del estado el año pasado, vetó el Trust Act el domingo pasado. La cuestión es: “¿Por qué?”

Tell MLB: Move the All-Star game

Tell MLB: Move the All-Star game

Today is the All-Star game. MLB wants to spend millions of dollars to play next year’s game in Phoenix, AZ. Tell MLB: don’t reward hate, move the game! Send a message to Selig >>

Stephen Colbert's New Job

Stephen Colbert’s new job

Check out Stephen Colbert’s new job — as a farm worker! Watch Colbert, then tell Congress to pass AgJobs! >>

Co-sponsor CIR-ASAP

Build the momentum for CIR-ASAP

The “CIR-ASAP” act is gaining momentum – get your Representative on board with comprehensive reform! Send a free fax >>

Boycott Arizona! Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smartjunco/1910089234/

Boycott Arizona

Until Arizona’s corporations start speaking out against their racial profiling law, we’re vowing not to patronize Arizona-based businesses. Email Arizona CEOs >>

Oppose a border-only immigration bill! Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/threadedthoughts/4249419414/

Border-only measures defeated in Senate

Today three border-only enforcement amendments were defeated in the Senate. Thanks for calling and faxing your Senators to say that we won’t stand for wasteful spending on border-only measures that do nothing to move real reform forward.> Learn more>>

Do these shoes make me look undocumented

Take the “Immigrant Shoes Challenge”

Congressman Bilbray says undocumented immigrants can be identified by their clothing, “right down to their shoes.” Take our quiz to find out if that’s true, then sign the petition to tell Republicans to condemn Arizona’s backwards law. Take the quiz Sign the petition

Immigration reform marchers in Los Angeles

Start the debate in Congress!

Senators Reid, Schumer and Menendez have introduced an outline for a comprehensive immigration bill. It’s time to introduce the bill in Congress and start the debate leading to immigration reform! Sign the petition >>

May Day For America

May Day For America

On May 1st, we held major demonstrations across America to fix an immoral and dysfunctional immigration system. Read coverage on our blog >>

Oppose racial profiling in Arizona

Oppose racial profiling in Arizona

The Arizona legislature just passed a law requiring that police officers harass or arrest anyone who they “reasonably suspect might be an undocumented immigrant.” Speak out against this law – tell Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform! Send a free fax >>