Protect Sanctuary Cities and Immigrants!

Together we must all stand strong against attacks on Sanctuary Cities. Sign this petition to tell the Mayor of your city:

It is time to declare your city a sanctuary of safety and not allow local police to do the work of immigration enforcement agents! If your city is already a sanctuary city, commit to maintaining your sanctuary status and protecting immigrant residents.

Petition Background:

Sanctuary cities do what Congress has refused to do: protect immigrant families from being unjustly separated. Sanctuary policies build safer communities for all of us, and allow local police to build trust by welcoming immigrants. Without these policies, immigrant communities are left vulnerable to racial profiling, detention, and deportation.

By targeting sanctuary cities, President Trump is jeopardizing the lives of immigrants, refugees, communities of color, Muslim people, workers, women and LGBTQ people. 

Anti-sanctuary policies not only target immigrants themselves, past attempts have gone as far as criminalizing ministers for transporting undocumented people to church services. An attack on the safety of anyone in our communities is an attack the safety of all of us. Together, we demand safety for all people of color, for women, for queer people, for Muslim people and any other vulnerable community.

De-funding sanctuary cities and forcing local police departments to enforce federal immigration policies will leave immigrants—with or without documentation—afraid to contact local police and intimidated from accessing basic rights such as public education, as well as making it difficult to rent housing.

All immigrants, all women, all people of color, all refugees, and believers of all religions deserve the right to the protection and safety.