Governor Abbott, Shame On You!

In May, Governor Greg Abbott signed SB4 into law, which empowers local police to question the immigration status of anyone they detain, and any elected official who does not cooperate with federal immigration authorities could be removed from office. Shame on Governor Abbott for endangering immigrant communities!

SB4 is a hateful, anti-immigrant law that will go into effect in September. The law emboldens lawmakers to pursue policies that compromise public safety and harm immigrant families. SB4 will continue to tear families apart, increase the potential for racial profiling, and further criminalize immigrants and communities of color.

We believe in justice for all. We believe that everyone deserves to live without fear. We believe our diversity is one of our country’s oldest and greatest strengths. Join us to say NO to this racist law in Texas and to stand up against anti-immigrant scapegoating across in the country.