Attorneys General & Congress: Protect DACA!

Add your name to tell Attorneys General and Members of Congress to protect DACA today!

Since 2012, over 750,000 young immigrants have lived without the risk of deportation. They were given opportunities through work permits that allowed them to access to higher education, higher wages in more qualified jobs, and help support their families. Not only have they benefited, but local communities have improved because they are giving back to the country they call home.

Donald Trump has threatened to end DACA, and with that stripping opportunities from thousands of people who have built their livelihoods around having work permits and driver's licenses. Abandoning DACA now that so many rely and thrive on it, is not only immoral -- it’s truly irresponsible. Attorneys General and Members of Congress must commit to protect DACA immediately, and ensure that the information that DACA recipients entrusted the government with is not used against them!