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February 21, 2017

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Constituents Turn Out to Rep./Sen. [NAME]’s Office

February 22, Wednesday at [TIME]


[CITY] – On Wednesday, a broad movement of immigrants, refugees, Muslim and faith communities, and many more constituents will turn out to congressional district offices across the country, urging their members of Congress to stand against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

In [CITY], [ORG NAME] and constituents will call on Rep.  [NAME] to support programs of refugee resettlement for those fleeing violence and persecution; to stop the cruel and unnecessary deportations destroying immigrant families; and to end the discrimination against Muslims in immigration policies.

The visit comes on the heels of increased Interior and Custom Enforcement (ICE) raids in over 9 states – triggered by the president’s immigration executive order that sets up a deportation force – and the massive backlash against Trump’s Muslim and refugee ban. From panic to injustice, the president’s immigration policies have had detrimental impacts on communities everywhere.

WHAT:            Broad group of constituents, immigrants, refugees, and Muslim and faith communities to call on Sen./Rep. [NAME]

WHEN:            Wednesday, February 22 at XX:XX[pm/am]

WHERE:         Senator/ Congress[wo]man’s [NAME]’s office

                       [ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE]


For more information, contact [NAME] at [PH. NUMBER] or at [EMAIL ADDRESS].