President Obama: End Family Detention

Add your name to tell President Obama to release immigrant families from detention and close the detention centers at Karnes and Dilley, Texas.

President Obama:

Extreme gang violence in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras make the region the deadliest in the Western Hemisphere, with high rates of violence, rape, and murder. Understandably, thousands of mothers and young children have risked their lives to seek refuge from this violence in the United States. The Obama administration's response has been to detain these families in prison conditions with limited access to legal help. This injustice must end today.

A prison is no place for mothers and children fleeing extreme danger and violence, but that is exactly where the Obama Administration has placed families arriving at our southern border seeking refuge. This is inhumane and un-American. President Obama must close the two family detention centers in Karnes and Dilley, Texas, immediately.