New citizens deserve to vote!

Just weeks before the crucial November elections, more than 534,000 new citizen voters may miss the chance to vote due to a government backlog.

Sign this petition to demand that USCIS Director Leon Rodriguez immediately take action to resolve this backlog and ensure that new citizens are allowed to vote!

This petition is hosted in partnership with the National Partnership for New Americans. For more information, read NPNA's report.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Federal agency that oversees the naturalization process (by which people become American citizens), may disenfranchise over half a million potential immigrant voters this year.

In the past year, the agency's backlog has ballooned, and now 524,014 applications remain pending with just weeks to go before several states' voter registration deadlines, and just over a month until the general election. The backlogs are egregious in several key states.

USCIS must take swift and significant action to account for their mismanagement, mitigate the impact in Disenfranchisement Danger Zones, and serve those who are eligible to become citizens this year.