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    Reforma Migratoria PRO América es un esfuerzo nacional que une a individuos y organizaciones comunitarias bajo una misión de cultivar apoyo amplio para lograr una reforma migratoria integral, humana, y eficaz.

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    Nos faltan unos meses hasta que el proceso de solicitar por el alivio administrativo entre en vigor. Sin embargo, aquí hay consejos sobre cómo puede hacer para prepararse.

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    Ayúdanos a lograr la reforma migratoria integral por unirte a nuestra red de activistas-ya más grande que 1 millón de personas. Únetenos en la lucha para justicia y un sistema de inmigración razonable y humano.



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It’s finally here. An immigration reform bill will soon be introduced

Rally for Citizenship PhotoWe held a community call with Senator Bob Menendez on Wednesday, April 17 to learn more about the immigration reform bill and what actions you can take to fight for the best reform bill possible. A recording of the English call is available here.

UPDATE [April 18, 2013]: You can listen to the national community call in English here below:

After weeks and months of driving calls, signing petitions and sharing your stories with your Senators, the Gang of Eight are moments away from introducing an immigration reform bill that includes an attainable pathway to citizenship. This immigration reform bill will come just a few days after the April 10th demonstration in front of the Capitol, where tens of thousands met on the National Mall to demand Congress take action on immigration reform.

Join our community call with Senator Bob Menendez on Wednesday, April 17 to learn more about the immigration reform bill and what actions you can take to fight for the best reform bill possible. We will be hosting two calls, a call in English immediately followed by a call in Spanish. RSVP for the English language call at 8PM EST by texting LISTEN to 69866 or the Spanish language call at 9PM EST by texting ESCUCHA to 69866.


This is an unprecedented moment for our movement. Citizenship for 11 million is within our reach. This bill will not be perfect, but it will be made stronger through your continued activism in the coming weeks to speak out on what strong immigration reform will mean for our communities.

"We need immigration reform now. Every day the families that we serve are negatively impacted by our broken immigration system. Nobody should leave their homes in the morning with the fear that they will never again see their loved ones. Nobody should feel like they should endure unfair circumstances in the workplace because the risk of being separated from their family is greater than permitting abuses to take place. That is why we need this now for Connecticut immigrant families."

– Ana Maria Rivera Forastieri from JUNTA for Progressive Action

We have the power and responsibility to make this the best bill possible for workers and for families – and we need to hold our Senators accountable in the weeks ahead as they debate, amend and vote on immigration reform. We will continue to call Senate staff and meet Senators at their offices until an immigration reform bill that reflects the needs of our community members is signed into law.

“The introduction of a bill which includes a real path to citizenship is a monumental achievement for our movement.  We are confident immigration reform that includes a clear and direct path to citizenship will pass this year.”

– Kica Matos from Center for Community Change

This introduction of an immigration reform bill that includes a real path to citizenship is a historic victory, and we are looking forward to working with Congress to improve upon it and making it the best bill possible for all of our families. RSVP for the community call to learn more about the Senate’s immigration bill by texting LISTEN or ESCUCHA to 69866. 


  • Comment Link michelle Friday, 17 May 2013 17:44 posted by michelle

    why is it so hard as a American citizen to have her husband stay in the u.s with me and our daughter to get his papers.it is not save for us to travel to his county Mexico can't he just get his papers here and pay a fine.were in the world is my rights and family unity

  • Comment Link Paulina B. Friday, 19 April 2013 12:25 posted by Paulina B.

    Does anybody know who to contact about questions regarding the outlined proposal? Senator Schumer of NY has released the .PDF outline of the proposal and I have a question about Sec.2103 (The DREAM Act). It says that one of the requirements is to have completed TWO (2) years of higher education but does that mean 30 credit hours and more or two full calendar years? I need help!

  • Comment Link Nestor bernal Thursday, 18 April 2013 18:38 posted by Nestor bernal

    Hello how are you ? I'm professional but as all we are here seeking an opportunity in usa, my whole family is here, parents of my, my brothers and sisters I have a baby who was born in this country but I arrived in April 2012 what happened with me and my wife? We can take advantage of this great immigration reform? Thank you for your help and information

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