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Stand up for Immigrant Rights

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    Text JUSTICE to 698-66 Sign up to support immigrants and refugees in your community and nationally. You’ll be the first to know when there’s a need for urgent action.

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    Speak out Sanctuary cities protect immigrant families from being unjustly separated. Sign this petition to tell the mayor of your city: Declare your city a sanctuary of safety!

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    Show up We’re having a summer of action to protect immigrant families from increased deportations, and we need you there! Sign up and we’ll tell you about upcoming rallies and events near you.

Donate: We need to your help to protect the 11 million undocumented immigrants most under threat. Your donation will help us fight back against harmful immigration laws and train young immigrant activists to protect their communities.

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  • Immigrants make America great

    Stand up for a DREAM Act that helps immigrants

    Demand a clean DREAM Act that allows young immigrants stay in the country they call home without fear — without adding a dollar to Trump’s enforcement measures.

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  • Build Kindness Not Walls

    Take the Pledge: Not One Dollar for Trump’s Deportation Force!

    We must prevent funding for Trump’s massive and hateful anti-immigrant agenda. Keep detention and deportation funding out of the 2018 federal budget.

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  • Attorneys General & Congress: Protect DACA!

    Donald Trump has threatened to end DACA, stripping opportunities from thousands of young immigrants who have built their lives around it. Sign this petition and tell Attorneys General and Congress: protect DACA and the safety of DACA recipients!

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  • Governor Abbott, Shame On You!

    Add your name to tell Governor Abbott “Shame on you!” for backing the anti-immigrant, hateful SB4 bill in Texas.

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  • Tell Paul Ryan: Reject Trump’s deportation force. Stop the raids!

    Paul Ryan has stated again and again that we should not worry about Trump’s deportation force. The deportation force is here. Demand that he stop the raids right now!

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