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Stand with Immigrants!

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    Text JUSTICE to 698-66! Sign up to support immigrants and refugees in your community. You will be connected to a local organization on the ground who will share ways that you can get involved in the work in your city.

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    Turn out! Attend the We Stand Together to Support Immigrants and Refugees National Day of Action on January 14th, turn out 10 of your friends, and share this widely on social media:

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    Reach out! Call your member of Congress whenever asked to do so. Ask that they stand on the side of justice and support immigrants and refugees. Right now, our ask is that you call your Senators and ask them to oppose Jeff Sessions’ nomination to be Attorney General: (888) 704-9446

Make a contribution! We need to raise 11 million to protect the 11 million undocumented immigrants most under threat right now. Please give what you can, and encourage others to give.

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  • Free the Alabama 40 from detention

    40 immigrants were seized in an immigration raid in March. Among the arrested were people with no criminal record who were present for a sweep and so were detained as well. Add your name to call on the release of these innocent immigrants!

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  • Tell Paul Ryan: Reject Trump’s deportation force and stop the raids now!

    Paul Ryan has stated again and again that we should not worry about Trump’s deportation force. The deportation force is here. Demand that he stop the raids right now!

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  • Secretary Kelly: Protect DACA!

    Donald Trump has threatened to end DACA, and with that stripping opportunities from thousands of young immigrants who have built their lives around it.

    Sign this petition and tell Secretary Kelly: Commit to protect DACA, and ensure that the information that DACA recipients entrusted the government with is not used against them!

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  • Protect Sanctuary Cities and Immigrants!

    Sanctuary cities do what Congress has refused to do: protect immigrant families from being unjustly separated.

    Sign this petition to tell the Mayor of your city: Declare your city a sanctuary of safety and commit to maintaining your sanctuary status!

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  • New citizens deserve to vote!

    Just weeks before the crucial 2016 elections, more than 534,000 new citizen voters may miss the chance to vote due to a government backlog. Leon Rodriguez, head of USCIS must take action to ensure that half a million immigrants are able to vote!

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